3 Benefits of a Document Management System

It is truly amazing how much paperwork a single business can generate. For example, think of what happens when someone is looking to purchase a new piece of equipment. An employee prints and completes a requisition form. That form is passed to their supervisor, who may have to send it to their supervisor for approval. It then goes off to accounting, who formally approves the purchase, files the requisition and creates a purchase order. The purchase order may go back to the original employee, or it may go to a new employee who actually, finally makes the purchase.

There’s nothing about this system that’s ecofriendly, efficient, or cost-effective. It involves shuffling piles of paperwork from one desk to another, which means that it’s easy for a document to get lost, meaning that the entire process needs to start over again.

With a Document Management System, all those steps still exist, but they are processed digitally. Employees can create, modify, and approve documents, sending them on to the next step in the queue seamlessly. An employee can be notified when they have work in their queue, making sure that all work is processed in a timely fashion.

Let’s talk about three ways that a Document Management System can help make your business run more smoothly.

Document Management is Ecofriendly

With a Document Management System, a business gets rid of all those piles of paper that clutter up desks and introduce the possibility of lost paperwork. Storing digital information is easier than storing piles of paper. Not needing to print the paper in the first place saves both paper and toner. A business can also have a smaller set of offices, as they have less documentation to store.

Document Management is Efficient

By making sure that employees are notified when there’s something in their queue for approval, Document Management Systems make it easier for employees to stay on top of their workload, processing necessary approvals quickly. Employees can more easily make approvals a regular part of their day. Working through their document queue is easier to face than staring down a pile of assorted paperwork.

Document Management is Cost Effective

A Document Management System may have an initial outlay cost, but the money it can save a business in the long run is well worth the start-up fee. By switching to digital document management, a company could save money by:

  • Reducing the amount of paper and toner that they need to purchase
  • Reducing the time that employees spend filling out paperwork and bringing it to its next approval step
  • Reducing the potential for lost paperwork, meaning that the process has to start over, generating additional work for employees
  • Reducing the cost of office space if less paperwork can be stored

Businesses can also benefit by improving employee satisfaction. When approval processes are simpler, involve less “red tape,” and the potential for loss is reduced, employees are more satisfied with their jobs, which has been shown to increase their productivity and enjoyment of their jobs.

There are many reasons to opt for a digital document management system, and very few reasons to avoid one. There are many options out there that can be customised for your particular business needs. If you think a document management system can help your business be more efficient and save money, get in touch with us today so that we can show you what options are available to you. We’ll set you on the fast track to making the most of a digital solution.

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