3 easy steps to make mobile working a working reality

Recent years technological advances have given us the great ability to do most of our everyday office tasks anywhere and anytime. Today corporate mobility means so much more than accessing your work email from your phone. New devices, apps and software solutions have made office work truly mobile. Learn what changes you can implement to make mobile working a working reality for your workforce.

Step 1: Digitise your information

Whether you are a small family run business or a large corporation the key to an efficient mobile workforce is having secure access to all your information outside the office. This of course requires your information to be available in digital format. Digitising years of paperwork and information can sound like a daunting task but document management companies like PrintSync specialise in exactly this and will help you get started.
Once done you will find that your new digital information base alone will drastically increase office productivity. Never again do you need to waste time fumbling around in the jungle of filing cabinets, folders and drawers tyring to demystify old tags and hand writings. Everything from old invoices, reports and meeting minutes can now be found with just a few clicks of a button. How good doesn`t that sound?

When you digitise properly by indexing and categorising your information and turning old paper based information searchable, easy efficient access to any piece of information will become the new norm. Best of all – you no longer need to be in the office to have access to the `filing cabinet`. All your information can come with you in your pocket wherever you go.

Step 2: Invest in the right devices & apps

To be able to access your information remotely you need a mobile device. In this day and age most of us already own a smart phone, tablet or a laptop. Other technologies like mobile a4 scanners and similar is also readily available and affordable. The mix of devices and functionality needed depends on what business you are in. The important thing to remember is that functionality is king.

No matter how smart your device is it won`t work efficiently without smart apps and software working in the back end. You need to determine what tasks are essential for you to get your job done and invest in the right apps and software that allows you to complete these on the go. With the right mix of apps and software a whole new world of mobility will open up. The ability to access your information, edit documents on the go or print directly from your device is only a few functions that can be achieved. However when asked about corporate mobility in a recent research* 53% of Australian businesses said there is too much focus on mobile devices and not enough on mobilising processes. This brings us to the last and most important step..

Step 3: Mobilise your workflows and processes

At this stage your information is already digitised and your smart devices are lined up with all the latest apps to get you going. You are already equipped to do most of your work out of the office but where the real reward lies is having mobile workflows and processes business wide.

By mobilising workflows and processes a more engaging and productive work environment will help increase your organisational competitiveness. This is why you should focus on adapting an interaction-oriented design when you mobilise. This will allow for much more effective collaboration between your employees and critical decision can be made in real time with better accuracy. In short – mobile processes can improve decision-making, shorten cycles, increase productivity and last but not least reduce your overall cost of business. Considering what we have covered so far it is not hard to see that corporate mobility and a mobile workplace is the new future.
If you are interested in learning more about increasing your corporate mobility, give PrintSync a call or contact us online today and ask to speak to our professional services team.
*research done by Tech Research Asia 2014/15 (Work 3.0)