document management

Simplified Management

Standardize and optimize your digital workflows through a single point of management for all connected devices to help you make informed decisions.

Achieve stronger controls
Use powerful software tools – Management Console and Fuji Xerox Direct – to centralize the management of your digital workflows and assets for better control. You can download the specific applications you need and install them on whatever Multi-Function Devices (MFD) you choose.

Improve operating efficiency with self-service
You can also proactively support your own fleet of devices—performing device discovery, installations, monitoring, log management and many other tasks—for maximum uptime. With better visibility on all your assets, you are able to optimize operational costs.

Informed decision making
Your entire journey with Fuji Xerox devices is supported by an easy management, renewal and upgrade process. Our tools deliver real-time updates from Fuji Xerox devices and provide real time analysis based on usage that will help you in predicting possible faults before they even occur.

Simplified Management

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