document management

Document Management

Workers spend almost 20% of their day looking for information. A secure document storage and retrieval system will dramatically improve productivity.


Therefore is like an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information.

It lets you capture, organise and access content, images, documents, reports and other vital information with superb efficiency. Stored information can be swiftly and easily located. With Therefore you can create customisable information workflows and seamlessly connect your other IT systems.

Therefore is available both in the cloud and on premise depending on your specific requirements.

THEREFORE - The 4 Pillars

Key Features:

• Capture key information through market leading OCR and document recognition technology
• Store documents in a customisable file structure
• Manage documents through customisable workflows that allow to approve, assign and even work on documents collaboratively in real time.
• Store multiple different file and document types
• Available in either a Cloud or onsite configuration

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