Choosing the Right Office Printers – 8 Important Considerations

Looking for office printers for your business can be a frustrating experience. The sheer range of printers on the market can mean that knowing which one is the right one for your business can be tough.

Before considering what printers are available, you should sit down with your staff and discuss your office needs. Will your business require a straightforward printer or will you require a multifunction printer, capable of scanning, printing, copying, and faxing? What documents will you be printing the most of? This meeting will help you to produce a list of basic requirements. This blog will help you consider and focus on your requirements.

  1. Printer compatibility with existing systems

First of all you will need to ensure that the printer you choose is compatible with your operating system

  1. Black & white or colour printing

You should decide early on whether you will need a printer capable of colour printing or if black and white only will be sufficient. If you only require black and white documents such as letters, copies of web pages or spreadsheets, an inkjet or laser printer will suit your business needs.

  1. What will you be printing?

When taking into account what you will be printing you should also think, will you require a printer capable of stapling documents together, folding documents for you, and/or making booklets? Consider what you will be printing and what finishing options you require.

  1. Printer quality

When thinking about the quality of prints your business will need, you should look at the printer resolution (resolution being the number of dots a printer prints every square inch). The higher the resolution the higher the quality. Anything over 1440 dpi will be considered high quality. You should consider a high-resolution printer if your business will be printing lots of presentation-quality text, graphics and photos.

  1. Usability and staff training

How user-friendly do you need your printer to be? Are your staff members comfortable with more complicated commands or will they require a very user-friendly interface? You may need to consider staff training if the printing system is more on the technical side.

  1. Multiple computers accessing the same printer

In a business environment, you will need a printer capable of being networked so that more than one computer can use it to print. You will be looking for a printer capable of Ethernet connectivity, this will allow multiple computers on the network to access and use the same printer.

  1. Printer output

You will need to take into account the amount of printing you will be doing. Printers will quote a “duty cycle”, a monthly maximum, which is the maximum amount of prints the printer is designed to handle per month without breaking down. You should choose a model that has a duty cycle higher than your intended use, in order to ensure the printer meets your current and future demands.

  1. Costs of ongoing printer maintenance

Another point to consider is how much money you are able to budget for ongoing maintenance of the printer. While the initial purchase costs of a printer may seem modest, ink cartridges and toner costs can soon add up over time. It is common place for the cost of paper, toner and ink to amount to more than the original cost of the printer within a year.

Some service providers, like PrintSync, offer free ongoing maintenance and toner cartridges which can dramatically cut your costs. You should always discuss this with your service provider to see if this is an option.

In order to save costs, you should avoid single-cartridge printers; these are printers that only come with a single colour cartridge for all colours. Single cartridges will need replacing even when there is still ink in the cartridge. This is because the entire cartridge will need replacing whenever a single colour has run out. It is more cost effective to purchase a printer with multiple colour cartridges (CMYK), so they can be replaced individually.

If you assess your needs and explain these to our friendly team here at PrintSync, we’ll be able to guide you in the right direction of finding the printer/s suited to your business needs. Call us today or contact us online.