Outwork the Competition with Canon

 Print and document management systems are two of the most important technological advances that are revolutionising the workplace. It’s important that Australian businesses large and small stay abreast of these advances – as a business owner, not taking advantage of such systems’ ability to increase productivity, efficiency and to get your workplace processes in sync means that it is your competitors that will be gaining the competitive edge.

Industry leader Canon has long been an innovator of such systems. Now, they’ve raised the bar once again by introducing the all-encompassing Canon Work 3.0. This ingenious suite of workplace solutions streamlines processes and dramatically boosts productivity like no other through a three-pronged approach: Automate, Digitise and Mobilise.


Canon performed exhaustive research in order to ascertain which areas of business’ operations were operating the least efficiently. They found that mountains of both digital and paper-based information needing to be captured and processed, the security of this information and the added concern of compliance result in information management being one of the most costly and time consuming administrative tasks across businesses (especially SMBs) today.

Our Canon software solutions quickly and efficiently digitise your filing and storage system. Regardless of a document’s type (print, electronic, barcode or other) it can be captured and stored. Once stored, the information is indexed and can be located and retrieved in seconds. You can choose who can access what information and from where; with Canon’s mobility technology, ‘where’ can literally be anywhere using a phone or tablet. Documents are not just more secure than ever – with digital auditing you can also keep track of who’s accessed and made changes to what. And with Canon’s digital publishing tools, converting and editing all file types is a breeze.


It’s certainly not news that automating processes results in faster completion times and frees employees to perform other vital tasks. What is, however, is the numerous Canon software solutions here at PrintSync which we can offer so you are able to fully automate your processes.

Data entry is a notorious consumer of employee time and resources (not to mention one of the top causes of uninspired, worn-out employees). Canon’s data entry tools not only automatically capture information (from paper or digital file types), they also convert them to searchable and editable text documents before sending them to secure cloud storage, ready to be shared with authorised employees. Documents in any of 137 supported languages can be converted to over 30 different file types.

Perhaps most astounding, however, is Canon’s Invoice Processing Solution technology. Scanned invoices are captured, indexed, sorted, validated, processed and paid out; then compressed, exported and stored – all automatically. After all this, IPS will (again, automatically) load the data into your back-end systems such as Sharepoint, Therefore™ and SAP. ‘Invoice week’ now becomes ‘invoice afternoon’.


Given the processing power of today’s smart mobile devices, there’s been surprisingly little utilisation of them as tools to make the workplace truly accessible from any location. Canon Work 3.0 addresses this with its mobility solutions – allowing employees to send, retrieve, edit, print, collaborate on and share information remotely and securely from anywhere in real time.

Seamlessly integrated with the in-office work flow, mobile employees will be editing the same documents and the audit trail will show who’s modified which document and when. As always, employee access permissions are in your hands – and real time monitoring allows you to ensure all is as it should be.

Canon’s mobile printing solution, meanwhile, brings the print fleet management to you no matter where you are. Email or document, simply and securely send information to the appropriate printers from your mobile device. Print instantly for a waiting colleague, or keep the document on hold and print the moment you walk into the office to avoid sensitive information sitting in the printer tray.

The PrintSync Canon software solutions offer an all-inclusive, full featured way to streamline all of your work processes in and out of the office. It’ll allow you to outwork your competition – but it’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter.

To help get your office print and document environment into sync today, contact our Perth, Bunbury, Mandurah or Karratha offices today.