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5 Signs Your Multifunction Printer Needs A Service or Repair

Starting to think your multifunction printer needs a service? Your office workflow and productivity may be suffering unnecessarily already. Printers have evolved to become an essential part of any business containing more than a handful of employees. Their importance to the operational side of the business means any breakdown could affect your whole working process, wasting valuable time and costing you money.

To avoid any potential print breakdowns, it’s always advisable to maintain your multifunction printer regularly and to fix any issues at the first sign of any problem. The following are five of the most common signs your printer may need a service or to be repaired:

Paper Jams… More often than you’d like

In a normal print environment, even with the most advance devices on the market the odd printer jam will still occur. Usually it’s because the printer has been overloaded, or the wrong type of paper was inserted, the wrong type used or a number of minor issues. However, if paper jams start happening on a more regular basis or are happening due to increasingly minor errors it may be time to have your multifunction printer serviced by a professional.

Your Prints are Too Light or Too Dark

Printing documents out and noticing certain areas are lighter or barely visible in some cases? Or perhaps some images are extremely dark in areas compared to what you’re seeing on your screen.
Issues with lightness or darkness of printouts could point to a potential imbalance in the density controls of your multifunction printer.
If you’re unsure, you should first confirm that the settings within the printer haven’t been altered since you noticed any issues. If you reset the density level in an effort to resolve the issue and the problem persists, the drum within your multifunction printer may be nearing the end of its life. Either that or it could be the toner, in either case it might be wise to schedule your printer in for a service.

Whirring or Grinding Sounds

Normally multifunction printers are pretty quiet. Yes there’s the usual sounds of the paper feeding and the engine running, but if your printer is beginning to make any whirring or grinding sounds it could point to a mechanical issue with the device. If left unchecked over time it could become much worse, so if you start hearing any abnormal sounds it may be a sign that your multifunction printer needs a service or repairs.

Lines and Blots on your Documents

Lines and blots of ink are up there with some of the last things you want appearing on any document. If this is something occurring regularly with your multifunction printer it may be a sign that the ink rollers are experiencing an issue and could be either loose or even breaking apart. This should be tended to immediately as the ink rollers will need to be replaced.

Inconsistent Performance

As with any mechanical equipment, any signs of inconsistent performance should be monitored and repaired if it escalates any further. This could point to any number of issues within a multifunction printer and is likely to interrupt the office workflow. If this is something that’s happening regularly within your office, it is definitely a sign your multifunction printer needs a service or repairs.

PrintSync & CSG can equip your organisation with the latest multifunction printing and office workflow technology. Additionally, our highly-skilled technicians are always on hand to provide fast, reliable and total support for a range of multifunction devices – meaning your productivity losses due to printer breakdowns should become a thing of the past.

If you’e experiencing any of the above issues with your multifunction printer, get in touch with one of our print management experts to see how we can boost your productivity and save you money with our range of devices.

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