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Assess your Business Printing Costs with PrintSync

How much does your business spend on printing? It’s a cost that can add up quickly and unexpectedly, and the figures may surprise you.

In fact, according to a study from the Gartner Group, over 90% of businesses don’t have a good understanding of their printing costs. If you think you’re part of that statistic, we can show you how to potentially reduce your printing and associated costs.

Why it’s important to know your printing costs

Keeping track of finances is a complicated matter for any business, and technology can eat up a big part of the annual budget. A smart business will try to run on a lean budget, which means looking for opportunities to cut costs without negatively impacting your services or employee culture.

Though it may not seem like printers rack up as much costs as new laptops or software, the numbers are surprising. According to the same Gartner Group research, the typical office worker prints around 10,000 pages per year. That’s a lot of paper, and with multiple employees, the figures add up quickly.

In fact, the average cost of printing that number of pages comes to $725 per employee, per year. If that figure doesn’t factor into your projected spend, you could end up with a lopsided budget.

Auditing your current costs (and potential savings)

Your business printing costs might also be higher or lower than average based on your printing habits and systems. If you’re curious to know more about your printing spend, our free print audit will help you get a good idea. Beyond that, we can also show how your current printer setup compares to our print management solutions by helping you project how much you’d be saving with new technology.

A PrintSync print audit takes little time and is designed to

  • Uncover unnecessary printing and document management costs
  • Determine if you have the right products for your needs
  • Discover where gains in efficiency and productivity can be achieve

Our team of print specialists will analyse your print environment to determine how you can get a better deal.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our print specialists to learn how you could save up to 30% on your printing costs.

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