Bunbury Document Management & IT EXPO 2014

Thursday 28th and friday 29th of August we had our annual document management workflow technology IT expo lunch sessions in Bunbury. Guests speakers from Canon Australia – Steve Radic and Ross Beavis – presented the latest in workflow solutions and document management software solutions from Canon to 40 current and potential PrintSync clients over the two days. The event was an eye opener for many and a great success for Canon and the team at PrintSync Bunbury.

At the event Steve and Ross talked highlighted the below areas within clever document management: 

Digitisation – Electronic and paper-based information can be digitally captured, processed and stored once, for all to share securely.

Automation – Automating manual tasks, like invoice processing and data entry will free your staff to get on with growing your business.

Mobility – Send, retrieve, print, collaborate and share information remotely and securely from anywhere in real time.