360° Protection

360° Protection

Security is top priority of every business. Our Fuji Xerox technology exceeds industry standards for security features. Work with peace of mind.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)
With encrypted data transmission, advanced security software, strong privacy and compliance, the Smart Work Gateway provides powerful DRM capabilities, enabling you to control the use of, modification and distribution of copyright materials.

One-touch user authentication
Smart Work Gateway secures all print activities with one-touch user authentication. You control who can operate MFDs, as well as allow printed documents to be released only upon user authentication.

Document Audit Trail
Smart Work Gateway can help to minimize the risk of insider threats and information leakages.

All instances of copying, printing, scanning, and faxing can be auto-logged with details on users, document types, and devices used. This becomes part of a document audit trail that will facilitate high traceability in the event of leaks. The Document Audit Trail will also ensure that documents are processed according to protocol, encouraging staff to take responsibility and ownership of the security of the documents they manage.

Worry-free data management and Intrusion Prevention
Build data integrity by setting document access rights for both internal or external users. Ensure information continuity with the ability to create information backup plans for all scanned documents.

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