Manual processes are labour intensive and prone to error. At the same time customers are demanding an ever increasing level of service. Automating your processes is crucial to business improvement.

IRIS Suite

IRIS is an advanced suite of capture tools that scans and extracts key information from documents to connect and integrate with your back office in real time.

By automating your manual processes, IRIS enables faster, more informed decisions for better results across the board. IRIS can benefit core business functions such as finance, legal, IT and any highly manual or complex processing environment.

The IRIS suite of solutions can be used for a variety of scanning functions including:

• Accounts Payable
• HR process automation
• Sales and marketing automation
• Mail automation
• Document compression
• Back end system integration
• Data conversion

benefits of IRIS suite

iW 360

iW360 is a document handling software, providing document publishing, document sharing and scanning workflows.

Designed specifically for SMB’s, its perfect for creating a cost effective way of handling and storing documents and removing costly manual processes from their business. Whether you’re working with large or small batches of documents, iW360 is an ideal solution to help your business work more efficiently


• Collate multiple document types into one format
• Build simple workflows directly from your PC
• Easily create various PDF formats


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