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How much is your document workflow costing you?

If you’re focusing on the cost of producing a document, maybe you should start thinking about the cost of finding that document.

Most businesses tend to focus on how much any given document costs to create.

“What’s it costing us per page? Print in black and white, it’s cheaper than colour!”

While the cost per printed page is still an important metric, it’s only the beginning of a document’s lifecycle and there’s another, equally as important factor to consider – the cost associated with finding the document once it’s been scanned or printed and stored.

To calculate how much the search for any given document is costing your organisation, consider how long it takes to find, the number of employees needed to find it, how often it is successfully found and the accuracy of the information on any discovered version of the document.

How much time do you think your employees spend each year searching for documents? In many cases, when one employee can’t find what they are looking for, the next step they normally take is to involve a co-worker meaning you’ve now got two employees searching for the same document – doubling the cost to the business.

Another concern is that once the employee finds the document they’re looking for, it may be an older version with information missing.

“Is this V2 the latest version? Or is there a V3 I’m unaware of?
Who do I ask to find out the answer?”

The time it takes for an employee to find the correct version, or update an older version if unsuccessful again adds onto the overall cost of managing each document.

If the above are common occurrences at your workplace, maybe it’s time to optimize your business with a document workflow solution.

How can a document workflow solution help? In short, through a few easy-to-use software applications you can significantly enhance the way your business stores, moves, secures and shares information. A workflow solution integrates with your current business processes and systems, allowing your documents to flow seamlessly through their life-cycle without any disruption or interference.

PrintSync’s document workflow solutions fall across four major categories: Capture, Manage, Process and Output:

Information locked up in in a document, whether it is paper or digital, is no use to anyone. Capture this information and share it with people and systems to improve business efficiency.

Workers spend almost 20% of their day looking for information. A secure document storage and retrieval system will dramatically improve productivity.

Manual processes are labour intensive and prone to error. At the same time customers are demanding an ever increasing level of service. Automating your processes is crucial to business improvement.

Increase document security by controlling access to your print devices. With an output management system you can also reduce the cost of printing by up to 30% while reducing paper wastage.

We’ve helped a large number of businesses optimise their workflow with a mixture of these solutions. It’s not an overnight fix, but with the proper planning and a step-by-step approach towards improving your processes you will see a significant difference in your productivity as a business, and in the end your bottom line.

Contact a PrintSync expert today to learn more about document workflow solutions, and how digitally optimizing your processes could improve your business.

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