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3 Things Your Print Fleet Needs

Printers in any office environment often rank a long way down the list of priorities for office managers, rarely thought about until they’re causing issues. It’s vitally important to build a print fleet that is dependable, secure and scalable, otherwise you’ll find yourself frequently fielding queries from staff members in a variety of situations:

  •  “That old printer in the reception area needs fixing again”
  • “We’ve run out of toner, who do we call? I need to print something now!”
  • “We’re not sure how to use this OCR function on the scanner?”
  • “There’s so many uncollected print-outs sitting on top of device every week”
  • “We’ve had a data breach, the IT department thinks the access point might’ve been that old printer in the back room”

These typical questions could go on forever, but the problem is always the same: the print environment wasn’t originally built to change with management techniques.

The solution towards many, if not all of these typical issues? To start with you’ll need these three things within your print infrastructure.

Smarter Devices 

Implementing smarter devices across the fleet seems like the most obvious thing any business should be doing – and it certainly is a good place to start. Smarter printers contain a wider range of sensors and are able to compute more data than ever before, allowing office managers to fully understand the office print volume and servicing/supply needs. Components within modern print devices tend to have a longer lifespan and are designed to optimise any servicing requirements, unlike a lot of legacy printers many offices still have lingering in various departments. While new equipment may sound like an expensive option, the costs may actually be much lower when you consider the above issues, especially when included in a managed print services agreement.

Software Integration

Keeping your documents under control, as well as monitoring the print fleet effectively requires robust software solutions. Your devices need to be able to speak to all of your in-house systems – whether it’s the file server, accounting system, CRM or security software. The ability for your devices to speak integrate with your systems as well as functions like remote support makes setting up, maintaining and servicing your print fleet significantly less difficult and more secure.


Once a business implements smarter devices armed with software integrations, their print infrastructure opens itself up to enhanced scalability. Standardising the technology across the fleet means the business can continue to grow whilst taking advantage of smoother transitions – meaning less administrative issues. This specifically benefits employees as the staff won’t need to be trained each time a change or expansion is made, meaning any employee can then pass on their knowledge to new or under-skilled employees.

If you’re frequently dealing with issues within your print fleet or feel your devices and software may not be able to meet the above standards, it might be time to consider a managed print solution. PrintSync provides a range of options for business of all sizes and are equipped to analyse your current print environment and identify any existing and potential bottlenecks which might be unnecessarily increasing your costs.

To start a discussion on how a managed print solution could revolutionise your business, speak to your local PrintSync representative today.