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Securing Your Print Environment: Why You Should Care About Uncollected Pages

Within any office environment there can be a number of documents containing confidential information. The more obvious pages being those that contain employee’s personal, tax, salary and superannuation details. On top of that there are often medical or legal records, as well as more simple items such as invoices with billing details, contacts information and account numbers. When planning for securing your print environment, you need to consider this sensitive data contained within your commonly used documentation.

In addition to the confidential personal details contained in the above documents, some of the most sensitive information from a business point of view is often printed locally. Think competitive data, incomplete project details, merger or acquisition documentation as well as many forms of client work which is often under non-disclosure agreements.

You might be reading this and thinking: “That’s right and we already protect all of our documents and internal systems with software”

That is certainly an important step in securing your print environment, however it becomes irrelevant the very minute any job is sent to the printer. The threat that often gets overlooked comes from pages that have been left uncollected at print stations – A common occurrence with approx. 30% of all pages printed in any office being left uncollected for a period of time, presenting a risk to a variety of confidential information.

So how do you go about protecting your organisation from this risk? The answer is an easy one – Don’t let any of your documents go uncollected.

There are a few things you would require to achieve this:

  • Centralised control with the ability to restrict free-for-all printing company wide.
  • Users to have to authenticate their document output before printing.
  • Secure printing software which is adaptable to an existing print environment.
  • The ability to track and report on usage to better understand costs

Utilising a secure print queue can achieve all of the above, reducing the risk of any sensitive information being exposed and significantly reducing the cost of paper wastage in the process.

The entire range of multifunction devices offered by PrintSync are able to utilise a variety of print queue options, from ID cards, pin codes and passwords to other authentication methods.

If you’re consistently finding uncollected pages on top of or nearby your organisation’s print devices, you may need to speak to a print management expert to discuss potential improvements to security within your document workflow.