How to avoid a Census-like meltdown in your next technology project

In the last few months I’ve followed with interest the disaster of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census. We all know the story now, but in terms of PR disasters it couldn’t have been much worse for the Federal Government. From my experience over many years, running a variety of these projects, there’s four key areas you need to focus on to ensure the right outcome.

4 steps to take advantage of outsourcing ‘as a service’

More and more services are being outsourced, not just the traditional IT and Finance functions. Marketing, operations, even the basic office functions are now being outsourced. In this blog Sean gives you his 4 best steps on how to take advantage of outsourcing.

Put the customer outcome first, not your product or service

By Sean Tilbrook, Principal at PrintSync Business Solutions   Every business sells a product or service, but the best ones sell outcomes. Let me explain. I’ve noticed a lot of suppliers selling to my business lately focus on telling me how good their offering is; all its specifications, features and benefits etc. with little focus …

Everyone knows how much technology has changed our world. There are a million examples I can use that show just how far we’ve come. But do we have too much technology in our lives? Some people would argue yes, we do. Given we’re a technology company I often find myself reading tech stories. A great article on the Forbes website recently focused on whether we’re too over reliant on technology in our lives. There was an example of a company in the US that relied on Google Maps GPS to find a home they were contracted to demolish. They had the right house number and lot position - only problem was Google Maps had sent them to the wrong street. You can guess what happened next! Closer to home, we’ve all seen the Federal Government focus on innovation and the digital economy. I believe it’s the right focus, however it means we need to change the way we work in the future. We as business leaders need to drive that change. Maybe in our personal lives technology is taking over, but in business, is there such a thing as too much technology? In short – no! Technology, when it’s used to connect people and process, can drive efficiency, productivity and access to information in your business. So what are the top 3 areas I’ve seen improve? Remove paper based workflows This might sound odd coming from a guy that’s sold print equipment for the best part of 20 years, but in reality our business evolved many years ago. While print is still important, the reality is that a host of technology exists that can help you automate most paper-based workflows. Take the humble invoice: we’ve all got them. Many businesses across the country still process, handle and store invoices manually. Imagine you could automate the process from the minute you receive an invoice to the time it is paid? The technology exists and it’s now at a point where it’s accessible to all businesses, big or small. Put it in the cloud Most businesses interact with the cloud, that’s nothing new. Technology has made it easy for us to lift huge chunks of cost from our businesses, making us more efficient and scalable. Think about your accounting package. I bet if you’re like most other WA SMB’s you’re using something like Xero to manage your business. More and more of our technology will move into the cloud and I think it’s only going to continue. Everything mobile The last of the big three areas that have revolutionised business is mobility. We use mobile technology extensively; our business has been a big adopter of mobility-based solutions. In fact, we built our own in house technology, linking our service technicians to our back-end systems for managing device parts and service alerts. Our techs can now access all sorts of data on their iPad so they can diagnose a support alert in real time. Our customers even digitally sign off all our service calls on the tech’s iPad. The key thing: it links all our back office systems directly to the service tech wherever they are, which really improves our customer service. That’s the power of being mobile. Think about the future The big challenge you’ll need to think about: workforce transition. As our friendly Generation Y gang (also known as Millennials) grow to be more than 50% of the workforce, we’ll be faced with the first group of true ‘digital natives’. They are the first generation of workers who grew up with mobile and cloud technology as the norm. Decisions you make now on how to best utilise technology will not only affect your productivity, but also your ability to attract the best talent for the future!

3 reasons why business can never have too much technology

Maybe in our personal lives technology is taking over, but in business, is there such a thing as too much technology? In short – no! Technology, when it’s used to connect people and process, can drive efficiency, productivity and access to information in your business.

Testimonial from the Western Force

PrintSync and the Western Force commenced a partnership in 2015 and after 15 months of working together have formed a solid business relationship. Learn how we`ve helped support their efficiency on field and off field.

Go Wildcats! Supporting Perth Wildcats in Style

Last Friday our Perth sales woman Aimee Duff (middle, second row) brought some of her favourite clients along to join her in our corporate box at the Perth Wildcats game Many of our PrintSync team members are big basketball fans. That is why we decided to support the Perth Wildcats by investing in a corporate …

Our first Albany technology workshop was a great success

Wednesday 28th of October we held our first technology workshop in Albany.  This was our first event since opening our Albany location this July. The workshop focused on business productivity & software solutions. We wanted to give our attendees a taste of new technology  that can help drive office efficiency. The workshop was a great success with guest speaker Ross Beavis …