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Business Printing and the Trends Shaping its Future

Business printing consists of everything you produce using office printers, multi-function devices, scanners, and photocopiers. With the corporate IT world evolving at an alarming rate on what almost feels like a daily basis, business printing is following suit and doing its best to keep up! Businesses are on the lookout for printing solutions that are …

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The Six Pros of Going Paper-lite

Paper and documents are integral to the day-to-day operations in your law firm. From contracts to leases, client documents and data – the sheer variety of documents required for each case can be enormous. One of the biggest challenges for law firms today is being able to effectively manage the continual influx of the wide …

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Case study – Telethon Kids Institute

Telethon Kid’s Institute making a difference – Fleet upgrade with Canon imageRunner advance C5550’s and Uniflow. The Challenge The Telethon Kid’s Institute (TKI) needed to upgrade their Multifunction Print Device (MPD) fleet without any downtime. They were operating with a mixed bag of devices which needed to be consolidated and updated. The Solution PrintSync & …

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What are the Multiple Functions of a Multifunction Printer?

In this blog post, we explain the multiple functions found in multifunction printers, and how they can benefit your business. Business owners are frequently trying to find ways of cutting operational costs, streamlining processes, and developing office habits that will both promote cost-effective efficiency, whilst also delivering high quality products or services to their customers. …


Video Conferencing Systems – Streamlining Business Communications

Thanks to recent innovation, not only have modern workplaces started to reap the benefits of video conferencing systems, they have come to learn that we work faster, harder, and better in a collaborative setting when we have significant interaction with the people alongside us. Video conferencing systems started out simply as a novel idea to …

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Print Security: Common Threats To Watch Out For

Print Security in your organisation – Have you given it much thought? Think about how many secure documents pass through the printers in your business. Without sound safety measures in place, you could be putting your company and clients at risk. Below, we’ll review the top five risks poor print security can bring to the …

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Print Carbon Footprint – How can you reduce yours?

Printers are a necessity for many businesses, but they don’t have to be harsh on the environment if you take the right steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Did you know a single laser printer can produce around 45 kilos of waste each year? As most businesses continue to rely heavily on printing, being environmentally …

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Managed Print: 5 Reasons it Makes Sense

Aside from the significant cost-saving advantages, utilising a Managed Print service can benefit organisations of all sizes in a number of ways: 1. Optimised security across all devices Cyber-security attacks have detrimental impacts on businesses around the globe every year. Without a dedicated print strategy, you leave your business exposed to a number of potential …

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Why Your Business Should Invest in Digital Signage

You’ve probably seen them. If you’ve ever visited an office building, a retail store or even a doctor’s office, digital signs are everywhere – and they’re captivating audiences in new, exciting ways that are able to display an array of information, offers and imagery. They’re a useful tool for a variety of businesses in different sectors including retail, hospitality or reception.